Baobab powder – high in antioxidants


The tree of life – the baobab tree is known an icon of the African savannah. Of course baobab is PIANO PIANO’s icon as well !

Recently the baobab fruit pulp powder is focused that provides you with three key health benefits, Natural multivitamin, Rich Source of Fibre and High in antioxidants. It will also deduce of tiredness and fatigue.

Baobab has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruits in the world, actually it contains almost five times the antioxidants if fresh acai berries and twice that goji “.
It is also a rich course if Vitamin C, which helps protect cells from oxidative stress, contributes to the normal formation of collagen in skin and helps promote.

I bought from the whole foods to add my favourite smoothie in the morning, you can mix with water, add juice.

The one of the company Aduna is working with local people in Africa fairly- the growers are paid a fair price, directly with producers who coordinate harvesting, collection and highest standards.

Organic burst they worked with the non- profit trade association Phyto Trade africa.


抗酸化で有名なバオバブですが、acai ベリーの5倍、goji ベリーの2倍の抗酸化効果があるそうです。 ヴィタミンCも豊富に入っているので、肌の調子が悪い時や最近疲れやすいと思う時にとるといいです。



ADUA という会社と Organic burst という会社から、バオバブパウダーが作られています。



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