Hina matsuri


Girls day today in Japan – called “Hina matsuri”.

Cerebrated with special rice cracker and beautiful natural dying fabric by Yoshihiko Ogata, at a moment I was fascinated by my countries colours…, soft, gentle,natural… they are so enchanting. Japanese traditional colors 465 are known and used widely.
And, there are more than 1300 old colors including nameless colors.

Happy girls day – 3rd March

色とりどりの雛あられを職場の先生にいただきました。自然染織家の緒方義彦さんの染物とよくあっています。和の色、本当に美しい。 異国の地で故郷の色に触れ、日本の春をおもいだした雛祭りでした。

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