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Guarana – Based Coffee Alternative

Barley 36%,Malted Barley 26%, Chicory, Rye,Figs, Guarana

Nutty aroma and earthy taste. I love it !
Guarana has been prized for thousands of years by the Amazon indians for its natural energy boosting qualities. It is traditionally grown in the rainforests of northern Brazil and its steady stimulation is a great alternative to coffee.
Of course I drink with Malawi Dedza cup.

AeroPress coffee maker




Here is a coffee Americano using the AeroPress coffee maker.

Recently I started to use AeroPress coffee maker.

As the owner of this coffee maker, we have in our hands a simple device for making very nice coffee or espresso.

I use “fine drip” grind. If you use a blade grinder, run it for 20 to 30 seconds, it helps brew very rich flavour.

Put a filter in the cap and pour two scoops of fine-drip grind coffee into the chamber.  Pour hot water slowly into the chamber. Use 80℃ water for the very best taste.  Gently press down, maintain that pressure for about 20 to 30 seconds, Gentle pressure is the key to easy Aero pressing.





It will be a good friend with me for camping and important tool for my PIANOPIANO project in Malawi.  Because it doesn’t need electricity !

Kenyan coffee



This week I used the Kenyan coffee beans.

Kenyan coffee has a distinctly bright acidity and potent sweetness with a dry winy aftertaste.



If this is coffee, then please-bring me some tea; But if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

                                                          ~Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)