Maruhiro – Hasami Porcelin




It is not easy to have a slow life during a busy morning.  However, the moment when preparing coffee or tea, holding the cup and then tasting mindfully.  The sequence can help our life slow down.

For my coffee time every morning,  I am enjoying the coffee taste with HASAMI porcelain.

HASAMI is a little town located in Nagasaki -southern Japan. Luckily it is not far from my home town.  This town is known well along with neighbouring Arita, Saga prefecture for its china manufacturing.

A design company Maruhiro creates tools for daily life.



Megumi Nizato who is a creative graphic designer, has designed the logo for this brand. Hasami means Scissor in Japanese.   Risa Nizato who is a talented porcelain designer in Maruhiro, she is creating the design of the goods.

We have a sisterly relationship, when I hold this cup in the busy morning, it reminds me their sweet smile (:  and my day starts with the cup.    What I like in their work is that they create useful items for everyday life but also there is a playful essence in their design.

It is called in Japanese – asobi gokoro.

Ability to stack to cup specially pleasing .


長崎の波佐見焼きのマルヒロのカップ&プレート。 有田焼もいいけど、波佐見焼もいい。





The one who slows down arrives safe and sound





Work apron – manocaldo

Manocaldo hair salon is a sanctuary located at the top floor of a building in the bustling centre of Fukuoka in southern Japan.

My long term friend, Maiko, started manocaldo 10 years ago. Her skill with scissors is outstanding and she gives useful advise to her clients to help them naturally coordinate.

I really love her style of work and respect her philosophy. The origin of manocaldo is “warmhand” in Italian. You can be guaranteed to find a warm hand with this artisan skill.

When I visited her salon, she welcomed me with PIANOPIANO work apron. I was very happy to see her work and move with the apron.

Work + Movement = Art


Happy New Year

Happy new year !

Thank you for 2014 and nice to enter 2015.

I had a precious time in Japan with family and friends.

Japan… it is my teacher, I learn from people who live in there and cultures and life in their tradition.   Much respect…

In 2015   I will do my best to become nice bridge to east to west,  to south to north, to past to present PIANO PIANO…


年末年始は里帰りし、家族、友人に再会ができ、2015年の新しい扉を開けることができました。 父や母 の笑顔を見れたことが何よりに嬉しく、長年来の友人達、兄弟、親戚のみなさんとの再会も嬉しく、語り合い、刺激しあい、喜びの中に自分がいます。


今年も少しでも、東西・南北、古今 橋になれるように、PIANOPIANOゆっくりがんばっていきますので、宜しくお願い致します。


Japanese omotenashi−The art and heart of hospitality.

Amazing tea bar  Yorozu

2-3-32  Akasaka,  Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan


Traditional Japanese pottery-  Gallery Takashima  

27311-73 Miyano, Takeo-shi, Saga, Japan


Green tea museum–  Hohino mura  Yame- shi, Fukuoka Japan  – amazing gyokuro tea



Takeo century hotel – Takeo- shi, Saga, Japan


Japanese spring sweet

A tea time with my hometown green tea and Japanese sweet


Tea- Ureshino tea, Ureshino  is a city located in the western part of Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu Japan. Ureshino is an area surrounded by green tea fields, and is well known as one of the best green tea producers in Japan, as the method of tea production dates back to 1504. This tradition has been carried on today in the delicate aroma and flavour of the tea.

Sweet – Special spring time Japanese sweet, made with cherry blossom leaves (sakura).  The sweet is produced by a traditional Japanese tea ceremony sweet shop in MatsueShimane Prefecture in Japan.  A special souvenir from my lovely student.

A shower of cherry blossom petals, the smell of fresh herbs and flowers in the fields…  Missing Japanese spring time…

ポーランド人の生徒さんから嬉しい便りと島根県からのお土産を頂きました。松江の老舗三英堂の春の和菓子でした。 ほんのり桜葉の香りするお菓子・・・嬉野茶と一緒にありがたく頂きました。

夏か冬に帰国するので、日本の春は10年以上帰っていないなと思いながら・・・ 山の新緑の匂い、春の草花、春風にゆれる桜吹雪、故郷や家族を恋しく思う一時でした。

Cedar incense


I have a tiny sanctuary space in my new home.  If I put a Cedar incense there, I feel the deep forest scent covers all over my flat.

This beautiful natural incense came from Maine in USA.  All natural 50cones and holder.

Cedar has a deep calming and relaxing affect and is wonderful for easing stress and anxiety. If you are unwinding at the end of the day, this would be a great fragrance choice.  Scientifically proven Cedarwood has been shown to successfully treat the effects of ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD(Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) in children.

It should be used for these positive attributes: focus, concentration,strength,confidence, balance, stability, comfort, persistence, fortitude, and nobility of spirit.

I heard once upon a time native Americans would use Cedar for purification and meditation to contact the great spirit.

For myself, this smell reminds of me Japan.  This reminds me how much I miss my grandfather and his mountain…


深い山の木々の香りが恋しくなりました。 日本では山に囲まれた生活をしていたので、雨上がりの山や、真冬の山や、蝉が鳴り響く山や、いろんな山の思い出があります。 ロンドンに住んでからは、そういう匂いの記憶が遠ざかっていました。

そんな記憶を呼び戻すような、お香と出会いました。 アメリカ北東からやってきた、自生する杉のお香です。 ネイティブアメリカンはグレートスピリットとコンタクトがとれるように、これを浄化と瞑想に使っていたといわれています。

箱の中には、かわいい、杉の木のお香立ても入っていて、お香とたいて目を閉じれば、森の中にいるような感じで落ち着きます。 シダー杉には、深いリラックス効果、心配やストレスを開放してくれる、効用があります。 科学的な検証としては、ADD/ ADHD(注意欠陥多動症候群)の子ども達の治療にも良いことが実証されています。

自然に身近にいれることが、幸せなことだったんだと、 感じさせてくれるお香でした。


Silent prayer


It’s been two years since a tsunami caused destruction and a nuclear meltdown in Japan on 11th March 2011, a disaster that killed more than 19,000 people, several thousand people are still unaccounted for…  Peace Peace Peace in their rest.

Inside the Tsunami zone- where some areas remain off-limits due to radiation fears, there remains a wasteland. Scattered along the coast are huge piles of rubble and stacks of smashed scooters and cars.

The nuclear zone- Thyroid abnormalities have now been confirmed among tens of thousands of children downwind from Fukushima. They are the first clear sign of an unfolding radioactive tragedy that demands this industry be buried forever.Two years after Fukushima exploded, three still-smouldering reactors remind us that the nuclear power industry repeatedly told the world this could never happen.

I would like to show my big respect to all of my friends in Japan who work for it and making their actions for it.

Though we can blame our nature… I pray that nature will be in peace as well.  All of us are aware of an invisible sign for the future.

Silent prayer for the victims and nature


あの日から、2年に月日がたった。 犠牲になった方達に心から心からご冥福をお祈りします。

災害は誰が悪いわけでもなく、津波や地震の予測は難しいもの。 それでも、予測できるようになれば、どんなにいいか。 ロンドンで知り合った日本人地理学者の友人は日本に帰国し、地震予測の研究を全力で進めています。

また、子どもの甲状腺がんは「100万人に1人」と言われいるのに、福島では10名もの子どもたちが甲状腺がんになってしまったそうです。子どもはがん細胞が活発で、進度も速いので、本当に心が痛いです。 いろいろな状況が明らかになるまで、ものすごく時間がかかるもの。その間に、子どもたちがモルモットのように、被害者にならないように、まずは、120%まもってほしいと思います。