Artisan small bag – Chikumbuso Widows & Orphans Project

I encountered the project called Chikumbuso, a grassroots project in Ng’ombe, Zambia, which provides an alternative lifestyle to the most vulnerable women and children in the township.

Through skill training, micro enterprise supports their artists and their families and brings money back into the project.  The first priority for the group became finding a means of making money. They had little formal education and leaned on artistic skills. The handbag project began with just a few recycled Shoprite bags, a crochet hook and a pair of scissors. Today, the group has grown to 45 widows and 25 at risk youth making beautiful handcrafted items.

I have been using another bag from Chikumbuso for five years, it doesn’t become old and it is waterproof.

Most of the bags were sold out before introducing on our website. This is the last bag.  It has a small pocket inside the bag, this is not on sale on our website.  The price was £39 but now £30.   Please contact us if you would like to purchase this wonderful bag.

Buying this bag supports families affected by HIV/AIDS.




Styled By Africa ー Pop Brixton

Now PIANO PIANO Yoga bags are for sale at Pop Brixton through the beautiful ethical clothes shop Styled By Africa. So come and enjoy craft drink, food, music AND Yoga as well !

Styled by Africa – the owner Kiran and Alae – they select amazing fashion of ethical design in Africa.


最近流行りのポップアップショップ。ブリックストンにもとても素敵なオープンスペースで色々なクリエイトが進行中。 クラフトビール、厳選されたワイン、食べやすいフード、音楽、その中に Styled Of Africa というエシカルなスタイルでアフリカのファッションをクリエイトしているお店もオープンしています。ジンバブエ出身のキーランと エストリア出身のアエラの二人のオーナー。アフリカのエシカルファッションもレベルが上がってきた事が分かるセレクションです。








The new PIANOAPIANO production

This time, I visited Malawi for the new PIANOPIANO production and could first proceed with local research.

As usual, I was treated by a peaceful and stable breeze from Lake Malawi and surrounded by the Malawian people’s beautiful smile and hospitality.

今回の夏のマラウイでは、PIANOPIANOの新しいプロダクションと、現地のリサーチをして来ました。 また新たな経験ができ、お世話になった方達や、ワークショップのメンバーに感謝しています。

相変わらずの、ゆったりとしたマラウイ湖の風。 人々の笑顔。



Now “WORK” is the key word for PIANOPIANO 2014.

I have had an idea for a long time to make a product for work.

something to bring nice inspiration during the working day

something which makes you feel comfortable

something that looks cool!

今回のテーマは ”仕事”。 ずっと、ワーク服を作りたいなと思っていました。  仕事中に素敵なインスピレーションが湧くようなワーク服。


Carefully we measured and cut the fabric so not to waste precious cotton. The design is thoughtful, so both women and men can wear it comfortably.



The great tailors team !
















PIANOPIANO BAG を3年前に購入してくれた my wonderful friend. Yoga mat をいれて。マラウイのコットンが柔らかくなって、馴染んでいました。

My friend bought pianopiano bag three years ago, she appeared with PIANOPIANo bags + Yoga mat 🙂 The cotton becomes more soft and smooth after years.

So nice teaching Yoga to my beautiful friends at the unique place ! Everywhere we can do Yoga. People creates nice space.



Spring colour

Spring colour

Long bags with spring colour – use for carrying yoga mats or other long things !

This fabric pattern represents “tree bark in Africa’, PianoPiano collaborated with TONQWE TONQWE ( she is a wonderful designer in Roma).

Made in Malawi by hands for PIANOPIANO and TONQWE TONQWE

* To purchase £30 – Email to

Have a springish day !


Spring colour yoga bags – made in Malawi


Blessing, the sun is getting longer and longer. Let’s bring the bright colour to your yoga practice!

You can read Pianopiano bag story and purchase from here PIANO PIANO



FORMS + PianoPiano in Camden town


Now, you can purchase PIANOPIANO bags at Forms in Camden town !

There are selected Japanese stationary products and Ethical + Eco products etc  in there.   All selected brands have an enchanting story behind their products.  It would is worthwhile to ask and chat with the owner of FORMS.


Camden Town, Unit 16 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AS

Opening Time: Mon.-Sun. 11:00am – 6:00pm
Closed Days: Tuesday