Tiny rainbow

A tiny rainbow made me slow down. 
You always see small happy things in everyday.

Slow life – Pianopianolife 

忙しい一日に始まり、バスルームに入ると小さな虹。 心のスピードが落ち着いた朝でした。 小さな幸せは毎日の生活にふと出会うんですね。  



The power of colour

Enjoying the color of April while tasting London borough of Jam.

As you know from the profit we donate back to a charity operating in Malawi. Now we are arranging for this, hoping I can report to you soon!

Three small collections of Jam:

Blackberry & Bay Leaves Jam

Lemon & Vanilla Marmalade

Greengage Plum & Fennel Pollen Jam

The shop is opened the only weekend.   http://www.londonboroughofjam.com/




Hair stylist – a craft that I truly respect.

Craft work – the moment when someone is concentrating and creating; an artist focuses on one line, cutting away the past and creating the a new now.

Shiki Hair London



I highly recommend experiencing this moment at Shiki Hair London.

Maruhiro – Hasami Porcelin




It is not easy to have a slow life during a busy morning.  However, the moment when preparing coffee or tea, holding the cup and then tasting mindfully.  The sequence can help our life slow down.

For my coffee time every morning,  I am enjoying the coffee taste with HASAMI porcelain.

HASAMI is a little town located in Nagasaki -southern Japan. Luckily it is not far from my home town.  This town is known well along with neighbouring Arita, Saga prefecture for its china manufacturing.

A design company Maruhiro creates tools for daily life.



Megumi Nizato who is a creative graphic designer, has designed the logo for this brand. Hasami means Scissor in Japanese.   Risa Nizato who is a talented porcelain designer in Maruhiro, she is creating the design of the goods.

We have a sisterly relationship, when I hold this cup in the busy morning, it reminds me their sweet smile (:  and my day starts with the cup.    What I like in their work is that they create useful items for everyday life but also there is a playful essence in their design.

It is called in Japanese – asobi gokoro.

Ability to stack to cup specially pleasing .


長崎の波佐見焼きのマルヒロのカップ&プレート。 有田焼もいいけど、波佐見焼もいい。





The one who slows down arrives safe and sound





Work apron – manocaldo

Manocaldo hair salon is a sanctuary located at the top floor of a building in the bustling centre of Fukuoka in southern Japan.

My long term friend, Maiko, started manocaldo 10 years ago. Her skill with scissors is outstanding and she gives useful advise to her clients to help them naturally coordinate.

I really love her style of work and respect her philosophy. The origin of manocaldo is “warmhand” in Italian. You can be guaranteed to find a warm hand with this artisan skill.

When I visited her salon, she welcomed me with PIANOPIANO work apron. I was very happy to see her work and move with the apron.

Work + Movement = Art


Artisan small bag – Chikumbuso Widows & Orphans Project

I encountered the project called Chikumbuso, a grassroots project in Ng’ombe, Zambia, which provides an alternative lifestyle to the most vulnerable women and children in the township.

Through skill training, micro enterprise supports their artists and their families and brings money back into the project.  The first priority for the group became finding a means of making money. They had little formal education and leaned on artistic skills. The handbag project began with just a few recycled Shoprite bags, a crochet hook and a pair of scissors. Today, the group has grown to 45 widows and 25 at risk youth making beautiful handcrafted items.

I have been using another bag from Chikumbuso for five years, it doesn’t become old and it is waterproof.

Most of the bags were sold out before introducing on our website. This is the last bag.  It has a small pocket inside the bag, this is not on sale on our website.  The price was £39 but now £30.   Please contact us if you would like to purchase this wonderful bag.

Buying this bag supports families affected by HIV/AIDS.