Senegal Dakar – Mbour – Joal fadiout

Dakar – Mbour – Joal fadiout





大切なのは、どこへ行っても、open mind で生きている物を respect する心。人も動物も自然も・・・

We moved from Dakar to south..more south… Mbour then Joal fadiout, we share a sept place (local taxi service) with 7 other people twice. When we negotiate the price for getting the taxi, everybody makes a serious face, but when we say “It is expensive, make it cheaper! “, then they laugh. Laughing and smiling are universal expressions. It breaks the serious moment.

The most important thing is the heart to respect all living things with an open-mind. Human, animal and all nature….

Joal Fadiout


It is a small small island made by the shells. When I walk, I can hear a very different walking sound which I have never heard before. Small shells…


島まで木で作られた長い橋。車は通れないので、島には車がない。島は小さくても、人や動物達 ほとんど放し飼いで犬やロバや猫や豚たちがのびのびと暮らしていた。人が住んでいる島と、キリスト教、イスラム教信者のお墓の小さな島があった。バオバブと白い貝殻によって葬られている昔の人々。きっと安らかに眠っていることでしょう。

The long wooden bridge to the island. There are no cars on the island. People, animals (dogs, donkeys, cats, pigs…) seem to live very relaxed lives. There are two small islands that people live and share both Muslim and Christian religions including a cemetery. The people who were buried there are under mounds of shells and surrounded by Baobab trees…surely sleeping peacefully.





小さい子供達が「何かちょうだい」とよってくるけど、驚いたのは、近くの大人が「だめよ」と子供に声をかける。セネガル人としての誇りをもつように、媚びないで自分の力で生きるということを、大人が子供に教えているのかな・・・ だったら、セネガルの将来は明るいなと思った。

Small kids run up to me and ask for a photo to be taken with the expectation of a gift following. However the adults a quick to tell them off as they don’t want them to behave like this. Senegalese are proud of themselves and the future will be bright for the next generation.

Joal hotel Le Thiouraye


It was a petit hotel has a few rooms. The room was clean, simple and mosaiced by the deep ocean colured tiles. When we turn on the small sandy road, we could to see a hotel staff like Rasta. He served like calming wave slowly, slowly… On the day there are enough water in the hotel but when we had a shower, they provided the water for our shower. I didn’t think that it is inconvenient, It is enough. Everything…



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